Benefits of Massage

Recent studies show that regular
monthly massage can be beneficial to both our
mental and physical health.

With benefits and prices like these,
there’s no reason not to join the Bodywaves Therapeutic Massage community!
Come visit our massage studio in Boston’s North End and let us help you move towards your goals of health and relaxation!

  • Stress Relief
  • Improves Posture
  • Lowers Blood Pressure
  • Relaxes Muscles
  • Improves Flexibility and Range of Motion
  • Manages Pain of Chronic Conditions
  • Strengthens the Immune System
  • Improves Rehabilitation after Injury
  • Relieves Headaches
  • Promotes Deeper and Easier Breathing

Experience the Bodywaves Difference

First time visiting Bodywaves’ massage studio? Learn more about your first visit.

We specialize in a wide variety of massage techniques and our talented therapists will work with you to create your Custom Blend Massage.

60 Minute Massage

$69 for first time visitors

90 Minute Massage

$89 for first time visitors

Choose from a Wide Variety of Massage Types

  • Swedish Massage / Circulatory Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Sports Massage
  • Myofascial Release Massage
  • Reiki Massage
  • Neuromuscular Massage / Trigger Point Therapy
  • Prenatal Massage
  • Postnatal Massage
  • Relieves Headaches
  • Table Thai Massage

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Conveniently Located in Boston’s North End

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Getting Here


145 Hanover Street North End Boston, MA

T: Use Haymarket Station Get Directions

We’re just minutes from everything!

A block away from Faneuil Hall, steps away from Government Center and City Hall. We’re on the west end of Hanover Street after it crosses the Greenway into the Haymarket District. Our entrance is between the Bell in Hand and The Point.

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