Prenatal massage treatment for expectant mothers has long been recognized as an excellent way to prepare for the trials and tribulations of child birth.  In addition to reducing stress and promoting overall wellness, it can be incredibly effective in helping with some common side-effects of pregnancy such as muscle cramps, back aches, and headaches.  Perhaps even more surprising is this study in the PMC medical journal that found a lower occurrence of premature labor in those who received regular prenatal massage.


After the birth, though, continued massage work and care can still pay dividends.  This study, focused on massage and aromatherapy performed on new mothers, found important benefits.  Two areas especially important for new mothers — stress levels and fatigue — were found to be significantly lowered.

Whether its their first child or not, any new mom could use a little extra care in those critical first few months.  At Bodywaves, we have excellent massage therapists who specialize in both aromatherapy, prenatal, and post-natal treatments, to best ensure maximum benefits.

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