Our mission statement at Bodywaves starts, is fueled by, and ends with one key principle — providing the absolute highest quality massage in Boston.  We do not focus on sales volume, upsell techniques, or locking in our clients to harsh, rigid membership contracts.  We know that we serve ourselves and our clientele best by making sure we do the most important thing right: providing the best therapeutic relationship between our Massage Therapists and their clients that we can.

To that end, we have wanted to launch a new service for quite some time.  One that would enhance our abilities to treat each and every person we see, with the best supplemental information around.  Coming soon, we are launching a new project — the Bodywaves Video channel.

Our idea is that we will provide short, informational clips on a myriad of subjects: describing each of the different massage technique modalities, showing treatment plans for common complaints & issues, detailing self-care stretches and other practices, and much more.

Please check back soon for this all new service !