Massage and Tension Headaches

Massage has long been studied in conjunction with tension headaches and migraines, an oft-debilitating, chronic issue that can cause serious disruption in peoples’ lives. Thankfully, for certain types of conditions, massage can offer lasting, significant relief.

A recently published clinical trial (1) found that patients who received focused massage work, specifically targeting trigger points that have been found commonly in patients with chronic tension triggered headaches (2), reported less frequency in between headaches. Myofascial release as well as trigger point techniques can be extremely effective in relieving these areas, and as such, relieving chronic headaches.

Bodywaves, Boston’s BEST massage, has multiple massage therapists on staff trained and specialized in Myofascial Release and Trigger Point work. Headaches are one of the most common complaints a massage therapist will see, and one Bodywaves’ talented staff are readily equipped to deal with.