Neck Pain and Massage:

Hopefully, by now, it’s common knowledge that regular, therapeutic massage can be extremely effective in reducing chronic neck pain. Additionally, however, one of BodyWaves’ favorite, and perhaps lesser-known, applications of neck treatment is highlighted in the below-attached study: decreasing pain in the SCM (sternocleiodmastoid) muscle, one of the main culprits in TMJ (temperomandibular joint) disorders — leading to jaw pain, migraines, and more.

As noted in the study, both classic and connective tissue massage resulted in significant improvements in pain reduction and relaxation responses.

You might not think that semi-unconventional massage techniques on a muscle you’ve never heard of, let alone felt, in your neck could help improve or even eliminate the nagging jaw pain you’ve had for years, but you’d be surprised! Come try Boston’s BEST massage from one of BodyWaves’ amazing therapists, and feel the pain melt away!