So often, we take our feet for granted. They get put through the ringer on a daily basis, taking the abuse we heap on them while carrying us through life. Many, many body and form issues can find their root in the foot, whether due to balance iniquities, injury, or accident.

In massage therapy, we treat foot issues and pain daily. From plantar fasciitis, a very painful — but thankfully, very treatable — condition, to general foot pain, massage techniques can yield surprising results. In a clinical study, patients with plantar heel pain were given massage to study the efficacy of such treatment on their condition. Over 72% reported significant reductions in pain (as opposed to just 7% of same reports in the control group), as well as a decrease in functional disability. Pressure pain thresholds were improved throughout the foot, in the gastrocnemii and soleus muscles, as well as in the calcaneus.

Your feet are an incredible, perfectly designed machine — it needs a tune up every now and then, too! Come in for Boston’s BEST massage with one of BodyWaves incredible therapists, and see the benefits for yourself.