In the least surprising study ever, researchers recently published a control-group study in which the efficacy of massage for chronic lower back pain was measured. You can probably guess the results…it works!

Deep tissue massage in particular was performed on a group of patients who had suffered from lower back pain, stemming from degenerative issues, intervertebral disc disease or other forms of spine pain. The control group reported significantly reduced pain and decreased disability.

There are so many among us in constant, significant pain. Whether we’re ailing from lives behind a desk, at a computer, or from being constantly on the go and on our feet, pain has a habit of settling in the same common places — our lower backs chief among them. Massage is not and will never be a “cure” or a fix-all for that pain — but real and lasting relief can be had!

We are proud of our therapists work at BodyWaves — deep tissue or otherwise — and are confident that no matter what ails you, you will experience the best massage in Boston at their hands! You, and your lower back, deserve it.