Cardiac events and the surgeries stemming thereof are an incredibly traumatic ordeal, with long-lasting effects on the health and well being of the people effected by them. With the risk of future events always needing to be kept in mind and monitored, preventative measures are key.

Researchers from prestigious institutes such as the world-renowned Mayo Clinic and the Journal for Thoracic and Cardiac Surgery have begun to monitor the effects and benefits from introducing massage therapy into the recovery plans for cardiac patients.

What they’ve found from numerous clinical trials is that their patients reported significant reductions in pain, anxiety, and muscle tension and notably increased relaxation and satisfaction.

Additionally, regular massage in general has been found to greatly improve blood pressure and overall stress levels, two highly important factors in minimizing risk for future cardiac issues.

Doctors, surgeons, health care providers the world round — they’re all finding that massage isn’t just to relax or break up knotted muscles, though it’s great for that too! Massage can and is being looked upon within the western medical community as an important part of complimentary and preventative treatments, for both patients with cardiac problems and many, many other issues.


Massage therapy significantly reduced the pain, anxiety, and muscular tension and improves relaxation and satisfaction after cardiac surgery.

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