Corporate Massage Programs

Regular massage has many workplace benefits and can be an effective addition to any existing Wellness Program. Strictly Business is our Corporate Massage Program, exclusive to the business professionals of Boston.

Let our dedicated staff help create a program specific to your company. Whether you prefer your employees to come to the Bodywaves Therapeutic Massage studio, on-site massage, or you are planning a special event, our Corporate Massage Program will reduce stress and increase productivity for your team. The Strictly Business Corporate Massage Program enables employers to take a proactive approach to employee health.

Bodywaves Therapeutic Massage is uniquely situated at the tip of the North End on historic Hanover St. and because of our convenient location, we are able to serve many neighborhoods and communities throughout the downtown area.

Corporate Massage

Everyone Benefits from our Corporate Massage Programs

Employer Benefits

  • Heightened employee productivity
  • A competitive edge in hiring
  • Reduced medical and disability costs
  • Increased employee morale

Employee Benefits

  • Decreased stress
  • Reduced muscle pain
  • Headache relief
  • Improved focus

Choose what best suits your company’s needs from a variety of program offerings.

  • Company-sponsored: company pays 100%
  • Co-pay: company and individual employees split the cost
  • Employee-sponsored: employees pay for their massages

Enjoy flexibility in your Corporate Massage Program.

  • The Bodywaves Theraputice Massage staff can come to your office or your employees can come to our studio.
  • Schedule weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly visits for employees.
  • Schedule massage therapy at your next company party, trade show, sales contest, project perk, or marketing event.
  • Choose from table massage, chair massage, or other customizable wellness programs such as self-care for the business professional.

Corporate Massage Program Pricing

All Corporate Massage Programs are discounted for the benefit of both Employer and Employee. Please call us at 617.778.5501 to find out how you can add massage to your organization’s wellness program.

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