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Myofascial Release Massage and Its Benefits

Myofascial release is a very intense, effective form of treatment for a number of different conditions.  From the basic — relaxation of the muscles by activating the sensory receptors connecting muscle fiber to tendon — to the more complex, correcting muscle imbalances by restoring muscles to their optimal length-tension state.

What […]

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Aromatherapy and Post-Natal Massage

Prenatal massage treatment for expectant mothers has long been recognized as an excellent way to prepare for the trials and tribulations of child birth.  In addition to reducing stress and promoting overall wellness, it can be incredibly effective in helping with some common side-effects of pregnancy such as muscle cramps, back […]

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Bodywaves Video — Coming Soon!

Our mission statement at Bodywaves starts, is fueled by, and ends with one key principle — providing the absolute highest quality massage in Boston.  We do not focus on sales volume, upsell techniques, or locking in our clients to harsh, rigid membership contracts.  We know that we serve ourselves and […]

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Massage and Tension Headaches

Massage and Tension Headaches

Massage has long been studied in conjunction with tension headaches and migraines, an oft-debilitating, chronic issue that can cause serious disruption in peoples’ lives. Thankfully, for certain types of conditions, massage can offer lasting, significant relief.

A recently published clinical trial (1) found that patients who received focused […]

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Massage and Foot Pain

So often, we take our feet for granted. They get put through the ringer on a daily basis, taking the abuse we heap on them while carrying us through life. Many, many body and form issues can find their root in the foot, whether due to balance iniquities, injury, or […]

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Neck Pain and Massage

Neck Pain and Massage:

Hopefully, by now, it’s common knowledge that regular, therapeutic massage can be extremely effective in reducing chronic neck pain. Additionally, however, one of BodyWaves’ favorite, and perhaps lesser-known, applications of neck treatment is highlighted in the below-attached study: decreasing pain in the SCM (sternocleiodmastoid) muscle, one of […]

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Massage and Chronic Lower Back Pain

In the least surprising study ever, researchers recently published a control-group study in which the efficacy of massage for chronic lower back pain was measured. You can probably guess the results…it works!

Deep tissue massage in particular was performed on a group of patients who had suffered from lower back pain, […]

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Massage and Balance for Older Patients

According to the CDC, one out of every three people aged 65 or older will experience a fall each year (3). The NIH’s Senior Health division cites lack of muscular strength and flexibility, as well as a lack of balance/inefficiencies in gait as two of the highest risk factors […]

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Massage Therapy and Scars

One of the lesser known benefits of massage is its healing effect on scar tissue. From smaller childhood scars that irritate or twinge from time to time, to more serious scarred tissue from burns, massage has been proven to help!

Published in Burns, the aptly named medical journal from the […]

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Massage Therapy for Cardiac Patients

Cardiac events and the surgeries stemming thereof are an incredibly traumatic ordeal, with long-lasting effects on the health and well being of the people effected by them. With the risk of future events always needing to be kept in mind and monitored, preventative measures are key.

Researchers from prestigious institutes such […]

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