Summer’s back in Boston, the weather is beautiful, and you’re finally getting out and outside again.  Maybe you’re playing Pokemon Go, maybe you’re taking advantage of the season to train for that 10k you want to do, or you’re in a social softball league — whatever it is, you’re more active than usual !

Whatever it is you’re into, all that running around might be giving you increased muscle soreness.  Calves, hamstrings, lower back — all of these can get aggravated by an increase in activity.  Studies have found that massage therapy can alleviate inflammation in skeletal muscle following exercise or activity.

In fact, researchers have found that massage can act in a similar way to anti-inflammatory medicine (1).  Incorporating a regular massage into your recovery routine can be an invaluable tool.

Not only can it also increase flexibility, but it can lead to significant gains in performance — running, jumping, and more (2).

We have multiple members on staff who specialize in sports massage, both pre- and post- event.  Whether you’re training for a marathon or just need a little extra care, they’ve got you covered.  Come in and book a sports massage today at Boston’s best massage — Bodywaves !



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