Taking Care of Your Body During a Blizzard

As “Nemo” rips through New England and dumps over a projected 2ft of snow on the city of Boston, we are left to clean up it’s mess and shovel our way out of what is to be a historically strong snow storm.  To insure your body isn’t adversely effected by all the physical labor indicative of shoveling a couple feet of snow, follow these simple steps and find yourself feeling ready to take on another round of blizzard like conditions (ok maybe not that last part).


Drink Water:  Keeping yourself hydrated is the number one, most important way you can take care of yourself while out there shoveling  your way out.

Eat Well:  Make sure you fill your belly with enough nutrients to give you the energy you need before lifting and shoveling a bunch of snow.

Warm Up:  Let your body and muscles warm up a little before you tackle the big piles and snow drifts. Working gradually will help you maintain your stamina and longevity while out in the elements.


Keep Drinking Water:  Stay hydrated. Period.

Listen to Your Body:  If your shoulders and neck start to feel weary or your back begins to ache, listen to that and take a break.

Stretch and/or Foam Roll: You just shoveled heavy frozen water for the day, warmed up your body and challenged it in ways it’s not particularly used to. After all, its not everyday that a storm dumps almost 2ft of snow on our streets. Take some time once you’re finished shoveling to foam roll and/or stretch out your back, hips and legs.


Take an Epsom Salt Bath: Soak your sore, tired muscles and joints in a warm Epsom Salt Bath. You can even take it a step further and add in a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Here’s a link of an easy recipe for remedy bath.

Relax on the Roller: Winding down from a physically taxing day can take some time and adding a restorative posture can really set the tone for a good nights sleep.

Here’s an easy exercise that will allow you to relax and unwind before bed:  With the roller along your spine, head rested, and arms out to a “T”, the chest opens and the shoulders relax. You’ll feel the foam roller give a nice compression along the edge of your shoulder blades. Breathe slowly and gently into your belly and then chest. Use your breath to open and loosen up your whole upper body. As your chest opens, your shoulder, neck ad upper back relax and release.


Schedule a Massage!:  It’s no secret there are countless benefits massage has on our achey bodies. Studies show, Massage helps improve muscle function and repair muscle tissue when used as a post-activity treatment. So remember to take care of yourself and give us a call at (617) 778-5501 to schedule your next appointment.

How are you winding down after today? 

Leave a comment about your favorite way to relax after a grueling day of braving these elements.

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FYI… We will be closed all day Saturday, Feb. 9th but hopefully back in action on Sunday and definitely Monday to start  Valentine’s Week off right! So stay safe and give us a call next week!!

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